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What You Need to Know About Your Next Maternity Photographer In Sacramento.

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You're pregnant and will soon be having a newborn baby in the Sacramento or Rocklin area, and you want to remember this special time in your life. But, you don't know where to start looking for a portrait or a maternity photographer in Sacramento for pictures of you carrying your newborn baby.

Imagine having a Sacramento professional photographer capture the most beautiful photo and images of your pregnancy that will last in your home forever. Your portraits and photos of you carrying your newborn are so stunning they look like custom works of art!

If these are the types of newborn baby  maternity portraits you are looking for, then look no further than the photographer and artist at Edge Underwater Boudoir & Maternity Photography in the surrounding Sacramento area.

We specialize in serving Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville ca & Elk Grove Maternity Photography with an artistic twist.

With our newborn baby maternity photography, you and your family can use it on your walls, as Art, not just a low-quality digital blurry image on your phone.

Our portraits and newborn baby Maternity Photography is widely known in Sacramento CA for becoming a family heirloom and will be cherished for generations to come.- We bring professional-grade equipment to capture every moment of this special portrait pregnancy session.

Amazing sessions At your home or our studio.

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The problem with other maternity photographers

It's not always easy to find a Newborn baby Maternity photographer in the surrounding area that provides you with works of Art versus just snapping a camera button for a quick profit.

You can be disappointed in another Maternity photographer in Sacramento because they don't offer what is needed for this very special time in your family life.

They don't take the time to plan and craft a photography image. Their images are rushed. This is not what you want from a Maternity photographer!

This is because most of the areas maternity photographers are not artists and focus only on the technical aspects of the photos and their job as a photographer.

They leave you with photos that look like a glamour shoot for pregnant women or a Sacramento high school yearbook photo from the 70s.

Most often, a Maternity photographer in Sacramento will offer a pretty standard, boring maternity package that looks like every other one out there!

They take the same poses and use the same stock backgrounds...but we wanted something different! We wanted our clients' sessions to be unique, artistic and stunning.

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Why Us As Maternity Photographers?

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We are a Sacramento ca maternity photography studio that offers studio portrait photography, on-location, or in-studio photo sessions.

Our mission is to provide artistic images of you during your pregnancy before the baby arrives!

You will not be disappointed with the quality of our work nor the service provided. We have been doing this for years so WE KNOW what we're doing!

That's why people should choose us as their Sacramento Maternity Photographer.

choosing us as your Sacramento maternity photographers means more than just getting an image taken: it also includes providing a unique experience that celebrates who you are in life - pregnant or without child - while capturing the beauty of motherhood in its truest form.


We are the most popular maternity photographers in Sacramento

• You'll be able to feel beautiful in your body and soul 

• Increase the anticipation for mommy-to-be and family by capturing the events of pregnancy 

• Be able to capture those intimate moments during pregnancy with loved ones

• Prepare for baby's arrival by capturing the beautiful moments of pregnancy

• Your belly is one of the most beautifully captivating things you will ever see

• Don't worry about strange lighting or poses that make no sense anymore because we are experts in understanding what makes an amazing maternity photo or prints

• Gorgeous colors and compositions matched with extraordinary talent create intimate photos of one of the most special times of life.

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Sacramento Maternity Photography Who Delivers Art, Not Photos.

So we created Edge Underwater Maternity & Boudoir Photography. With us, you'll get an experience that is unlike any other in the Sacramento ca area. Our maternity photography will leave you breathless!  contact us today.

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