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Boudoir Photographer Sacramento

Hi, we are Dwayne and Terrie Adams

Painting Artists and Expert Boudoir & Maternity Photographers

We are here to help you strengthen your bonds, raise your self-confidence and build a memory that lasts over time, using portraiture as a healing guide.

We have been portrait artists since 2012 and have helped people Nationwide create a personal and intimate connection with themselves and others, through our portraits, and fine wall art.

We are on a mission to help people strengthen their personal bonds, raise their self-esteem, and build a beautiful memory that allows them to immortalize their unique beauty forever.

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Many people think of photography as pressing a button on a camera. Something simple that anyone can do.

But we see things differently!


You see, a portrait session is not about photographs. It's about creating a piece of art that expresses the true inner essence of people that will last beyond a lifetime.

Photography is the reflection of your soul

And each portrait session is an opportunity to go deeper and connect with what gives your life a purpose.


Do you think you are not "photogenic" enough to participate in a photo session? Think again.


We believe that everyone is photographable - including YOU.


All you need is to let yourself go. It's that easy. And through the photography session, you will deepen your connection to what matters most to you, which means more confidence, purpose, and joy in your life.

If you are ready to improve your confidence and manifest a connection with your true essence, with photography as a healing guide, click here and choose the path that resonates with you.

Meet the Edge Underwater Photography team

Terrie Adams

Over the years, Terrie Adams has created a methodology for how to adopt an aesthetic body posture, prepare to pose like a model, and make the photo shoot a smash hit for people across the nation.


She co-founded the photography studio Edge Underwater Photography with her husband, Dwayne, and together they create painterly-like fine art portraits for clients nationwide thanks to their ability to create paintings from just one photo.


Terrie is now an expert posing master who shares her skills with people of all ages and sizes across the nation to help anyone who wants to pose like a model, show off with confidence, and make any photo shoot a success.

Terrie Adams

Dwayne Adams

Dwayne is a dedicated photographer whose priority is that anyone can ignite passion in their lives, improve their body image and make these changes last over time through a photography session as a guide to healing.

Now, at the Edge Underwater Photography studio, he enlists the help of his wife, Terrie Adams, who is an expert master poser.


Together they do special photography sessions for those seeking to strengthen their relationships, and recognize their own beauty - both external and internal! - and deliver pieces of fine art to immortalize a unique experience.

Dwayne Adams
cameras over cancer.jpg

Giving Back With...

Cameras Over Cancer

Dwayne and Terrie's mission extends to free outreach programs like Cameras Over Cancer, where every photo session you complete in our studio helps to gift a free photo session for people affected by cancer.

Terrie and Dwyane Adams

Official Bio

Dwayne and Terrie Adams are best known as painting artists. They are both Registered Nurses by trade. Whereas Dwayne is an ER Nurse, and Terrie is a Labor & Delivery Nurse. As healthcare professionals, Dwayne and Terrie have helped people from all walks of life across California strengthen their bonds, feel better about themselves, and make it last, with photography as their healing guide.

Edge Underwater Photography also specializes in painterly fine art portraiture to clients nationwide thanks to its ability to create paintings from a single photo.

On a mission to make anyone want the star of their own life, Dwayne and Terrie believe photography is a modern therapy tool for people ready to live their lives to their fullest potential - without being required to be a model. or have specific characteristics. At Edge Underwater Photography, a unique style of therapy is developed that can be seen in their art pieces.


When they're not creating art, editing, or retouching photos, Dwayne and Terrie love bringing possibility and empowerment to those affected by cancer during their fight.

For press inquiries, interview requests, and speaker engagements, please contact

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