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Bay Area San Francisco Family Photography

Schedule a photo shoot with a skilled Bay Area family photographer from Edge Underwater Photography.

We offer premium family photography services in the San Francisco Bay Area for capturing your family in the best light.


Let’s make lasting memories. Contact us today to arrange a family photo shoot with no sitting fee!

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Offering 3 Complimentary Sessions Per Week

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What is Family Photography?

Family photography includes photos of families or family members, including pets. It is a type of photography that highlights people and individuals within a family. This may include parents, children, grandparents, and other extended family members. We also specialize in newborn photography

While most people think of group photos, a photo shoot with a Bay area family photographer and newborn photographer may also include portraits of individual family members and various arrangements, such as a shot of just the children or just the adults.

At Edge Underwater Photography, we can accommodate your specific needs. Book now to arrange a photoshoot at a time that works for you.

Experienced Local Family Photographers in San Francisco

Edge Underwater Photography is a leading photography studio. If you want a San Francisco family photographer, you can relax knowing that you have made the right choice.


We have served the area for many years and strive to deliver a higher level of service compared to other photography studios.

Our team remains committed to delivering better results, from superior customer service to breathtaking photographs. Each component of our service is built around providing a luxury experience.

Contact us today to discuss your family photography needs!

Turn Your Photos into Original Oil Paintings

At Edge Underwater Photography, we offer unique options that you are unlikely to find at other photography studios. Among our most popular options is our “painting to oil portrait” service.

We can turn any photograph into a stunning work of art using oil paint. A skilled painter will apply oil to a canvas, recreating the photo in full detail. The canvases are framed and ready for hanging. You can even arrange for a member of our team to come and hang the canvas for you.

Enjoy a luxury framed canvas masterpiece from one of your favorite photos or a new photo taken at a photoshoot at our studio.


Book today to learn more!

Why Use Professional Family Photographers in San Francisco?

The camera app on your smartphone can take HD photos but may not capture the personality of your family members. A professional photographer knows how to take professional photos.

A quality photograph requires the subjects to be properly aligned in the shot. You also need the right lighting, the camera in the right position, and the correct settings on the camera. Without a skilled photographer, you may simply end up with a bland HD photo.

Along with producing quality photos, here are a few of the reasons why you may want professional images taken by a skilled Bay area family photographer:

  • Celebrate milestones

  • Document your family’s growth

  • Create lasting memories

  • Get everyone together again

  • Include everybody in the shot

At Edge Underwater Photography, we work with clients all year round to help commemorate and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. You can arrange a photo shoot for any occasion.


Book today to avoid missing out on a date that fits your schedule.

Celebrate Life’s Biggest Milestones with Family Photography

People often book family photographers in San Francisco to celebrate milestones, such as:

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • Pregnancies

  • Wedding dates

  • Divorces

  • Graduations

  • Promotions

  • Relocating

Family photography is one of the most popular categories of photography services. We stand out from other photography studios by providing a superior experience.

We are a luxury CA portrait studio with extensive experience working with families and children of all ages. We can ensure a fun time for all and lasting memories.

Document the Growth of Your Family with Professional Photography

Before you know it, your little ones will be all grown up and moving out of the house. Slow down and document the growth of your family. Along with celebrating milestones, you can simply document different stages of your family’s growth over the years.

Whether you have recently welcomed a new addition to the family or want to create an annual record of your family, professional photography is the perfect solution.

Create Lasting Memories of Your Family

Professional family photography is a great way to create lasting memories with your family. Time can slip by too fast, leaving you with memories that gradually fade from your mind. Photographs make it easier to hold on to memories.

Everyone can cherish the experience of getting together and posing for photos. You also gain lasting mementos that you and the rest of the family can use at any time to recollect this period.

Get Everyone Together for Family Photography

As your kids get older, your extended family grows. You may struggle to get everyone together in the same place at the same time. When these rare occasions happen, take advantage of the situation by booking a photoshoot.

A family photographer can capture the entire party in a series of beautiful photographs highlighting the bond of your family. Your photographs can commemorate the occasions that your family still gets together. You may even start a new family tradition.

Include Everybody in the Shot with Bay Area Family Photography

Are you frequently the chosen photographer for your family photos? If so, you may not appear in as many photos as you spend more time behind the camera.

Family photography is a great way to ensure that you include everyone in the shot. You can fit the family in a photo without needing to rely on a camera timer to attempt to snap a good photo. A professional photographer knows how to stage a shot featuring a large group, no matter the size of your family.

Book a Family Photo Session Today

Family photos provide a lifetime of enjoyment but only require an afternoon to take. The next step is to book a photo session with a leading Bay area family photographer. We offer professional, friendly service, transparent pricing, and a fun atmosphere.

Do not hesitate to book your family photo session, as you may miss out on a time and date that best fits your schedule.


Contact us today to arrange a photoshoot with no session fee!

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