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What Does Boudoir Photography Mean?

Boudoir photos are more sensual compared to a standard portrait, as you are typically posing in some form of nightwear. In boudoir photography, the model often wears lingerie or other types of undergarments.

Los Angeles boudoir photography is also atmospheric. The combination of lighting, camera angles, and the model’s pose help create highly artistic images. Women often find that Los Angeles boudoir photography boosts their confidence. The photos capture your body in a way that no other style of photography can match.

Boudoir photos can also become works of art with the right photographer, which is why you should choose Edge Underwater Photography. We are the top choice for Los Angeles boudoir photography due to our creativity, professionalism, and competitive pricing.

Why Should You Book Boudoir Photography in Los Angeles?

Traditional portraits are great for accurately capturing your appearance. Boudoir photos go further by showcasing your figure and best features in an artistic manner. Boudoir photography has a refined aesthetic that people often find classy and in good taste. Here are just a few of the reasons to consider Los Angeles boudoir photography:

  • Celebrate your body at this current moment

  • Commemorate a recent milestone or event

  • Celebrate an anniversary or create a wedding gift

  • Book a boudoir photo shoot as a special treat for yourself

Los Angeles boudoir photography is a great choice for anyone that wants to try something different or feel better about their body. The next step is to book a session at a time that works best for you.

What Do You Wear to a Los Angeles Boudoir Photography Session?

Lingerie is the traditional choice for boudoir photography. However, not everyone feels comfortable posing in lingerie. You may also prefer to hide certain features. Besides lingerie, you may choose to wear a nightgown or a slip. Bodysuits and camisoles may also provide a little more coverage compared to bras and panties.

At Edge Underwater Photography, your comfort and satisfaction are our main priorities. We make sure that everyone is comfortable with the process, which helps bring out your personality in the photos.

How Long Does a Los Angeles Boudoir Photography Session Take?

The typical session is for two hours. However, multiple types of boudoir photography packages are available.

Our Los Angeles boudoir photography session includes time to relax. You may also need to change and touch up your hair and makeup. However, you never need to worry about feeling like you are in a hurry. We maintain a laid-back environment.

What Should I Bring to My Boudoir Shoot?

You should plan on bringing at least a couple of outfits for your boudoir photo shoot. If you need to style your hair and spend time on your makeup, you should do so before the photo shoot. You will have time to touch up, but major styling should be completed earlier.

While we encourage everyone to bring several outfits, you can also browse our wardrobe. We have a selection of items, including accessories, that may work for your photo shoot.

Do the Photos from My Los Angeles Boudoir Photography Shoot Stay Private?

Privacy is extremely important to us at Edge Underwater Photography. We do not share photos without your explicit permission. If you choose to sign a model release agreement, you can decide which photos you are willing to let us publish for marketing purposes. If you choose not to sign the release, your photos stay private.

How Do I Know the Right Way to Pose During a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

First, there is no right way. Your photo session should be a fun experience. We take the time to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable with the process. A skilled photographer from Edge Underwater Photography will guide and encourage you throughout the session.

Along with helping during the session, we have a female posing coach. Use our coach to find poses and postures that you feel comfortable with.

How Much Does Boudoir Photography in Los Angeles Cost?

Boudoir photography in Los Angeles is a premium service but costs about the same as any other photography service. When you choose us for your photo shoot, you also receive the best overall value. We include perks that other studios leave out, including a female posing coach.

How to Book Boudoir Photography Near Me in Los Angeles

At Edge Underwater Photography, boudoir photography is our specialty. We have years of experience providing quality photography services for customers throughout the Los Angeles area. We understand what it takes to produce high-quality photographs.

Los Angeles boudoir photography is suitable for women of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds. We can highlight your beauty and leave you with a set of photos for creating lasting mementos. Here are a few additional advantages of choosing us for a boudoir photo shoot:

  • The best prices for boudoir photography in Los Angeles

  • Friendly staff and skilled photographers

  • Comfortable photography studio with a private setting

  • Money-back guarantee for your boudoir photoshoot

We are also launching a contest where we give away a free Los Angeles boudoir photography session. Along with the many advantages discussed, you may get a free session by entering our contest and choosing us for your boudoir photo shoot.

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