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Luxury Custom Framed Canvas From Photo Of Dogs, Family & More

Framed Canvas Starting at $1,290
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Pictures to Paintings – Fine Art Canvas Images Hand-Painted From Photos

Create fine art from your favorite photos. Get custom luxury fine art framed images starting at just $1,290! Order today and receive a complimentary photography session at our Sacramento studio.

What Is Picture to Painting?

At DNA Premium Photography, we can turn pictures into paintings. Whether you want to transform an existing picture or use photos from a new shoot, we can turn any picture into an original piece of art.

Take your favorite photo and turn it into a museum-quality painting. We carefully recreate your photo on canvas by hand using acrylic paint. Your image comes framed and ready for installation. We even offer in-home installation for your convenience.

Order your picture to painting today!

Why Buy Hand-Painted Portraits?

A custom-painted portrait is more than just a recreation of a photograph. It is a painting of a picture completed directly on the image. The customized painting perfectly captures the proportions and essence of the original photograph.

Photorealism is a style of painting that became popular in the 1960s and 1970s. With the rise of the internet, many companies started offering digital portrait services. You can upload a photo and order a portrait printed onto canvas. However, those digital creations lack the authenticity that you get from a hand-painted portrait.

The quality of the photo turned into a painting is something that you will not find from other studios and online companies. Here are a few more reasons to consider buying hand-painted portraits:

  • Give new life to old photos

  • Add more wall art to your home

  • Memorialize your pet

  • Commemorate a special occasion or milestone

  • Create a unique family portrait

A custom painting from a photo makes a great gift or addition to your home or office. It provides a unique alternative to hanging photographs, prints, and wall décor. Here is a closer look at the benefits of ordering a fine-art painting from a photo.

Breathe New Life into Older Photos

A painted family portrait or memorial painting allows you to breathe new life into older photos. You can rediscover the reasons why you love a specific photo or the subject of a photo by seeing it in a new light.

The beautiful acrylic brushstrokes help your photo uniquely come to life. A painted portrait highlights the best features of a photo and masks imperfections.

Create Original Artwork for Your Home

A blank wall can make a room appear less inviting. Unfortunately, deciding what to place on a wall is not always easy. People may hang photographs, prints, or wall art around the house.

A hand-painted picture stands out compared to other decorative items. It is a distinct piece of fine art that could easily be at home at a gallery.

Adding original artwork to your home can make your living areas warmer and cozier. You may also find that viewing the artwork brightens your day. Taking the time to appreciate a painting may lower stress and leave you in a better mood.

Pet Portrait Painting for Dogs and Cats

Want a custom dog painting? We have you covered. Our dog portrait painters specialize in painting dogs, cats, and other pets. They know how to produce realistic pet hair using acrylic paint and careful brushstrokes.

Use a pet painting to memorialize your favorite companion. Your pet painting can come to life and capture the spirit of your dog or cat.

Celebrate a Special Moment in Your Life

Celebrate the love that you have for your partner with a custom-painted portrait. You can use a photo turned into a painting as a gift for an anniversary, wedding, or birthday.

For example, our canvas images are a perfect option for couple portrait paintings. You can take a photo of yourself and a partner and turn it into a masterpiece painting.

Create a Memorable Family Portrait

Instead of the standard family portrait, you can display a unique work of art. A painted family portrait can capture the personalities of your family and recreate the look of each member with a level of realism that you will not get from other studios or online companies. Order a portrait from our family portrait painters today!

What Is a Portrait Painting?

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If you search for portrait painting or “photos into paintings”, you will find a long list of online services that offer to transform photos into canvas images. Most of the listings that you see provide a basic, print-on-demand service. Instead of hiring a picture painter, the company prints your image on canvas and ships it to your home.

If you want a true painting, contact us. We have real artists that apply brushstrokes directly on top of the image. There is no risk of the portrait appearing distorted or unprofessional. Each portrait is expertly created with careful attention to detail.

Our painted portraits are not the same as the digital portraits that you often see advertised online. A portrait painting includes real paint applied by hand instead of a specialized printer. You are guaranteed to receive a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you will never see elsewhere.

Hand-painted portraits are also easy to customize. You can personalize the image however you want. We can accommodate a wide range of special requests, including changes to the backgrounds and colors.

How We Differ

DNA Premium Photography stands above the rest due to our commitment to quality. Few other studios can match the artistry of our painted pictures.

Discover the benefits of our fine-art services:

  • Framed canvas images

  • In-home installation

  • Lifetime warranty

  • High-quality works of art

  • Complimentary photography session

We offer personalized service, from start to finish. We do not mass produce canvas photos or rely on digital technology. We use real artists to convert photos into works of art. Learn more…

Framed Canvas Images

Some companies ship canvas images unstretched, which means that they come in a roll and require stretching on a wood frame. Stretching a canvas requires care to avoid damaging the image.

When you order from us, you avoid the hassle of dealing with an unstretched canvas. Your image comes framed and ready for hanging.

In-Home Installation

After your image is ready, you can choose to hang it yourself or allow us to take care of it. We offer in-home installation. We can install the wall art, ensuring that it is secure and properly hung.

Lifetime Warranty

All canvas images are backed by a lifetime warranty. No one else includes the same warranty. We will replace your wall art if it is lost, stolen, cracked, or damaged in any way.

We will replace the painting with the same image on a canvas of the same size. Our warranty ensures that you can continue to enjoy and cherish your painting for a lifetime.

High-Quality Works of Art

You can rely on us for quality results. No other studio offers the same level of sophistication when it comes to the final images, as we employ some of the best artists in the world.

Other picture-to-painting services are often cheaply made and may appear childlike or cartoonish. We strive to deliver a true work of art. Our museum-quality pieces immediately grab the eye.

Complimentary Photography Session

You receive a complimentary photography session at our California studio after buying a luxury canvas image, which is a $900 value. No other picture painter can provide the same value. You get a free photography session, which you can use however you see fit.

If you already have an idea for a photo turned into a painting, you can use the photography session for another purpose, such as a family portrait session. You could also give the session away to a friend, family member, or coworker as a special gift. The choice is yours.

How Does It Work?

We start by taking a fresh sheet of canvas and stretching it over a wood frame. We then transfer the photo of your choice to the canvas. A skilled artist recreates the image in beautiful detail, using acrylic brush strokes applied to the canvas image.

Unlike other sources, we do not simply print canvas images. We apply acrylic brushstrokes on top of the image to create a painted picture.

An artist carefully paints the picture while incorporating any design ideas or special requests, such as changes to the background or artistic flourishes. We can accommodate any of your requests.

The painting is framed and ready to install. You can request in-home installation, pick it up from our studio, or arrange to have it delivered. We provide flexible options to suit your preferences.

Turn New or Existing Photos Into Paintings

Our picture-to-painting solution is available for new or existing photos. You can use a favorite family photo, graduate photo, or any other photo from your collection. You can also use new photos. We can take a concept in your head and turn it into an original piece of art.

As part of our picture-to-painting service, we include a complimentary session at our photography studio. We can take a new set of photos that match your vision for your fine art canvas image.

Canvas Images for Any Occasion

Canvas images are the perfect option for commemorating any occasion, from anniversaries to graduations. You may even simply choose to create a painting from a photo as a special treat to yourself.

Here are a few of the most common types of photos that people want to be turned into paintings:

  • Custom dog painting

  • Family portraits

  • Graduation portraits

  • Anniversary gifts

  • Wedding gifts

  • Maternity portraits

  • Boudoir photography

We can turn pictures into paintings for any occasion. Contact us today to order your fine art canvas portrait.

What to Look for in Pictures to Paintings Services?

Before spending money on a photo painting, you want to ensure that you have made the right choice. Some of the details to look for when buying a hand-painted portrait include:

  • Skilled artists

  • Professional studio

  • Experience

Always review the quality of the work before hiring an artist. Poor artwork is easy to detect. Instead of a lifelike recreation of a familiar photo, you end up with a crudely painted caricature.

Looking at the past work of the company can provide a better indication of the quality of the paintings. Look for skilled painters that know how to produce photorealistic paintings.

It also helps to order your photo paintings from a professional studio. Ordering from an online service means that you do not know who is responsible for your painting. It is created using a printer and digital technology instead of hand-painted by a dedicated artist.

At DNA Premium Photography, we have the artists and experience needed to bring your photos to life in a unique way. We can create gorgeous, hand-painted wall art from a photo of your choice. Contact us today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Customized Painting

If you have any questions about turning pictures into paintings, do not hesitate to contact us. We can explain our process and address any questions. You may also find an answer in the following FAQ…

Why Hand Paint Portrait From Photo With Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paint offers several advantages over other mediums, such as oil, pencil, and charcoal. Compared to pencil or charcoal, acrylic paint lasts longer. We can also achieve more vibrant pictures when using acrylic instead of pencil or charcoal.

Compared to oil paint, acrylic paint is easier to work with. It dries faster and can produce brighter colors. Whether you want a dog painting or a family portrait painting, acrylic is likely to produce the best results.

Hand-painted portraits also tend to hold up better compared to digital portraits printed on canvas using specialized printers. Ink printed on a canvas sheet is more vulnerable to damage from UV light, which can cause colors to fade over time.

Can I Order More Than One Image?

Yes, you can transform as many photos into paintings as you wish. Keep in mind that all images are painted by hand. Ordering a large number of images may increase the delivery date.

How Long Does It Take to Receive My Wall Art?

The timeframe for receiving your wall art depends on our current backlog of orders and the number of images that you want to turn into paintings. We always aim to deliver orders as quickly as possible but never rush the process as we want to ensure that you receive a beautiful work of art.

Can You Travel to My Location to Create the Painting?

We offer the most flexible solutions, including the option to arrange for an artist to travel to your location. We can send a portrait painter or pet painter to your home or business to paint your original canvas image on-site. Contact us to learn more and receive a quote.

Can You Include a Deceased Relative in the Painting?

We can include any individual that you want in the painting. Our artists can work from a single photograph or incorporate faces from several photos. We can accommodate your special requests, as our goal is to create a custom-painted portrait to your exact specifications.

Do I Need to Book a Photography Session to Order a Painting of a Picture?

You do not need to book a photography session at our studio for our picture-to-painting service. You are free to use an existing photo for the painting of pictures. However, as mentioned, we include a free session with each order.

About Us

DNA Premium Photography is a premium California photography studio that specializes in creating masterpieces. We produce luxury fine art portraits, including maternity portraits, boudoir portraits, and more. We have provided our photography services in the Sacramento area for many years and now offer to turn pictures into paintings.

Here are several of the reasons why we remain the top photography studio in the region:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction

  • Comfortable, professional studio

  • Experienced, friendly photographers

  • Special offers and promotions

We have always strived to deliver quality service and ensure the complete satisfaction of every client. We also have a professional studio that provides a comfortable, private setting for photography shoots.

Our photographers are skilled at putting subjects at ease and ensuring that everyone has a great time. The experience of our photographers allows us to create stunning fine art portraits that no other studios in the area could produce.

We also frequently run promotions and special offers, including a complimentary photography session when you buy your custom luxury fine art images. The photography session is valued at $900 and yours to use as you see fit. You can use the session for yourself or give it to someone else.

Order Your Luxury Fine Art Framed Image Today

Hand-painted wall art adds class to any room. Order your fine art canvas image today to spruce up your home or office. You will also receive a complimentary photography session at our California studio.

Whether you have an existing image you want to make into a painting or need to create a new photo, we have you covered. Our skilled photographers can capture a new set of photos for you to choose from.

Order now!