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Paint Family Portrait on Canvas| Custom Painter

Order a luxury custom canvas portrait from a family photo.


DNA Premium Portrait is your source for painted family portraits from real artists.


Commission your family painting today.

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How We Stand Apart From the Rest

DNA Premium Portraits offers unrivaled quality. We provide a level of artistry that you simply are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Explore additional reasons to choose our fine art portrait services:

  • Lifelike recreations of real photos

  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

  • High-quality paintings on framed canvas

  • In-home installation available in select areas

  • Includes complimentary photography session

Submit your contact information to get started. Request your custom family portrait.

How to Choose the Right Family Portrait Painter

You can rely on us for high-quality custom paintings. DNA Premium Portraits works with only the best painters available instead of simply printing painting-like images onto canvas.

It takes a skilled painter to faithfully recreate a person’s likeness. Without the right painting abilities, the canvas portrait may not appear lifelike. Some of the other image-to-canvas services produce cartoon-like paintings that do not truly resemble the intended subjects.

You can review the paintings throughout our site to get a better idea of what to expect from our painters. See for yourself the difference that a skilled artist can make when it comes to painted portraits.


Contact us today to learn more.

How Do You Paint Family Portraits From Photos?

At DNA Premium Portraits, we have a team of experienced painters. Our artists start by transferring an image to a canvas. A skilled family portrait painter then paints over the image with actual brush strokes.

The resulting work of art is a real painting, not a computerized recreation. We also accept special requests. You get a true custom oil painting or acrylic painting.

Allow a skilled artist to paint family portraits from your favorite photos. We can even arrange a photo session to take new photos. Plan a family photo session to create a new set of photos for your original hand-painted canvas image.

Lifelike Paintings From Experienced Painters

When you order a painting from a photo, you expect a lifelike recreation instead of a cartoony image. Unfortunately, many of the other painting services available online produce low-quality renderings. The resulting painting may appear childish and not fully resemble the people in the original photograph.

You can count on us for high-quality paintings. Our painters have the artistic abilities needed to create realistic paintings. The personality and appearance of each family member are faithfully recreated on canvas.


Each painting is a piece of fine art that you can proudly display anywhere in your home.

Quality Canvas Images Covered by Lifetime Warranties

Our lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind in knowing that your new family heirloom is protected for many years to come. If your original custom oil painting is stolen, lost, or damaged, we will replace it completely.

The warranty includes the replacement of the painting using the same image on a matching canvas of the same size. You get an entirely new version of the same painting. A lifetime warranty is something that you are unlikely to find available from other portrait studios that provide the same service.

Sold on Framed Canvas Instead of Unstretched Canvas

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Your family painting arrives ready to display or mount on a wall. The painting is completed on a framed canvas. We have already stretched the canvas and secured it to a wood frame, instead of rolling it up to save space during shipping.

A framed canvas saves time, as you do not need to worry about stretching and framing it yourself or taking it to a local framer. It also comes with a stylish frame of your choice. Each frame includes elegant scrollwork and designs to help your painting stand out and make a larger impression.

We Offer In-Home Installation in Certain Areas

In-home installation is available. Contact us to find out if we cover your area. Our in-home installation services ensure that your new work of art is properly secured to the wall.

A framed canvas may weigh ten pounds or more. Depending on whether the walls include drywall, plaster, or masonry, you may need to use specific screws and anchors to support the painting. Allow our experts to install the painting.


We use the right hardware and ensure that the painting is level.

Complementary Photography Session Available

We can paint family portrait images from any photo, including new photos. Arrange a photography session at our studio to create a new set of photos to choose from for your family painting. We are a leading photography business with a spacious private studio and professional photographers.

Our photographers can capture the perfect photo of you and your family. We are known for our fine art portraits that feature a higher level of artistry compared to what you normally get from a photography studio.

We include a complimentary photography session when you order a family painting. This means that you do not pay the “session fee”, which is the base cost that covers the session itself. Later, you can choose from a variety of print packages to suit your needs.

Discover the Joy of Custom Family Painting Services

Custom family paintings are unique, original works of art and perfect for a wide variety of situations and special occasions. You may want to commission a family painting as a special gift or as a new piece of wall art for your home. Here are some of the reasons to consider ordering a family painting:

  • Create a lasting keepsake

  • Decorate your walls

  • Transform favorite photos

  • Celebrate a family milestone

You can also choose from a variety of sizes and options to create a truly original fine art painting. From the smallest size to the largest, all options include the same exceptional level of detail. We use real artists to create the most lifelike paintings. Start your new portrait today!

Create a Lasting Keepsake of Your Family

A custom painting can become a prized family treasure. Display it in a prominent spot in your home to provide a constant reminder of your love for your family. You can also pass it down through the generations.

Decorate Your Walls With Family Paintings

Our high-quality paintings are the perfect addition to any wall. A blank wall can make a room less inviting while a few pieces of art can instantly liven it up. With a family painting, you can instantly add warmth and comfort to any room of your house.

Transform Your Favorite Family Photos

Our custom family painting service allows you to transform your favorite photos into paintings. Many families have collections of old photos, including memorable family portrait sessions. You can breathe new life into these cherished photos by ordering custom paintings.

Celebrate a Family Milestone With a New Painting

Families often gather to celebrate certain events, such as birthdays and weddings. You can add to the celebration of these milestone events by ordering a new painting. You may also want to consider booking a photography session. Get a new set of photos to commemorate the occasion and for creating an up-to-date painting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Family Paintings

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our custom painting services. You may also find the answer you need in the following FAQ.

How Long Is the Wait for a Custom Family Painting?

The wait time varies depending on the size of the painting and the number of paintings that you order. We are also busier during certain times of the year. If you plan on ordering a painting in anticipation of receiving it before a special occasion, order as early as possible.

Can You Include a Deceased Loved One in a Family Painting?

Yes, we can merge the face of a deceased loved one from an existing portrait or photo with a more recent family photo. View our memorial painting service to explore some of the ways that we can accommodate your wishes.

Do I Need to Sit for New Photos Before Ordering a Painting?

We can create a family painting from existing photos or new photos taken at our studio. Some people enjoy transforming their favorite family photos from the past into paintings. However, you may also want an up-to-date painting of your family. The choice is entirely yours.

Why Choose Us for Your Family Painting?

DNA Premium Portrait offers a premium service. We produce fine art paintings from photographs. We are also a trusted photography studio with years of experience. We stand out for giving our clients professional results, no matter the services that they request.

These images make for the perfect gift.

Our lifetime warranty, high-quality paintings, and complementary photography session are just a few of the reasons to choose us. We strive to deliver luxury paintings and photos at the best possible prices.

A fine art painting will instantly add to the aesthetic appeal of any room, whether you choose to hang the painting in your home, business, or office. Whether you want to book a photo session or order your family painting, get started today.


Begin your new portrait now!

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