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Professional Memorial Painting

Create an unforgettable tribute to a recently departed loved one with a professional memorial painting from DNA Premium Portrait.

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Memorial Painting on Canvas From Any Photo

Can a memorial be a painting? Yes, paintings are perfect for memorializing loved ones that have passed away. A painting of loved ones on canvas can provide a fitting tribute that you can cherish for a lifetime. Paintings with dead loved ones are a perfect way to both honor and remember.

At DNA Premium Portraits, we offer a nationwide service for creating realistic paintings from photos.  When creating memorial drawings of loved ones We work with some of the best artists in the world to transform portraits into handmade works of art.

Learn more about our memorial painting services or memorial portrait.

-Adding lost loved ones to photos
- In loving memory paintings
- Painted picture of loved ones
-Existing family photo
-Deceased family member
-Existing family photos

What Is a Custom Memorial Painting?

A custom memorial painting provides a distinct way to remember a loved one. It involves taking a photo and transferring the image to a framed canvas. A skilled painter recreates the image using detailed brush strokes.

These are 100% hand-painted portraits completed by professional artists. We can accommodate any special request and customize the memorial painting or memorial gifts to match your wishes.

Why Choose Us?

DNA Premium Portraits offers a unique service.


We can transform any image into a masterpiece painting. Unlike other photo-to-canvas services, we deliver lifelike images painted by real artists.

Discover a few of the advantages of our portrait services:

  • Detailed painting on framed canvas

  • Covered by a lifetime warranty

  • In-home installation is available

  • Complimentary photography session

Order your custom memorial painting on canvas today!

Reasons to Order Memorial Paintings on Canvas

Why order memorial paintings from photos? Common reasons include:

  • You want to create a unique tribute

  • A deceased loved one may have missed a recent event

  • Create a special gift for a grieving family member

  • A skilled artist completes each painting by hand

  • Pet memorial paintings are also popular

Custom paintings may be used at memorials or as personal gifts. You also gain a lasting keepsake that you can treasure for years to come.

Create a Unique, Dynamic Tribute to the Deceased

Family members often create a memorial wall containing photos of the deceased. A memorial painting can help create a more dynamic display. It is a way to create a unique tribute that stands out compared to what you typically see at a memorial service.

Add Deceased Loved Ones to Recent Events

People also often used memorial paintings to add deceased loved ones to recent photos, such as photos from weddings, birth announcements, and other special events. Merging photos may make it easier for family members to cope with the loss.

Create a Special Gift for Those Grieving the Departed

A memorial painting may make a great gift for someone that is dealing with the death of a loved one. You may also find that a certain family member seems to struggle with their grief for a prolonged period. A memorial painting may help bring some closure and help with the coping process.

Receive a Handmade Painting From Any Photo

You can receive an original painting completed by hand. Many online photo-to-canvas services print photos on canvas without applying brush strokes. You essentially receive a print on canvas instead of a custom work of art.

With our services, an artist applies paint to a framed canvas. The canvas includes real paint applied carefully by an experienced painter.

Memorialize a Pet in a Custom-Built Painting

You may also choose to commission a memorial painting of a pet. Many people consider their pets part of the family. Losing a beloved pet can cause significant grief. Allow us to memorialize your pet in a custom painting from a photo.

How Do You Add a Deceased Loved One to a Photo?

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If you have a photo of a deceased loved one, our skilled artists can likely incorporate it into a more recent photo, such as a new family photo or portrait. Here are several ways to add the departed to a photo:

  • Collages

  • Memorial corner

  • Merging photos

A collage includes multiple images in a grid layout. A memorial corner involves adding the image of the deceased in the corner of a larger family photo.

Merging is used as a way to add the deceased to more recent photos. This method works well with our pictures to paintings services, as an artist can easily incorporate an image of your loved one into an existing image.

For example, we may be able to merge a photo of your loved one with a recently taken photo of your family. You can add a loved one to a special occasion, such as a wedding or family vacation.

Standalone memorial paintings are another option. We can take any photo of a deceased loved one and create a detailed custom-built painting to your specifications.

High-Quality Framed Canvas Paintings

At DNA Premium Portraits, we produce memorial paintings on framed canvas. To save money, similar services sometimes sell canvas images without frames. The unstretched canvas is rolled and shipped. After it arrives, you need to stretch it and secure it to a wood frame.

We offer framed canvas memorial paintings that are ready to display or hang. The frames are luxurious and help create a grander impression when paired with your custom memorial painting.

In-Home Installation Available in Select Areas

Want help hanging your painting on the wall? We can help. Get a hold of us to find out if in-home installation is available in your area.

Hanging a painting may not seem like a major task. However, with improper installation, the painting may be crooked or gradually pull from the wall until it falls. Our installer can keep the painting straight and hang it with the right hardware, whether you have plaster, drywall, or masonry walls.

Covered by Lifetime Warranty

Our custom memorial paintings are covered by lifetime warranties. You can relax knowing that your painting is protected for life against theft, loss, or damage.

If your painting is stolen or damaged, you can have it replaced with a new one. We create an entirely new painting of the same size using the same photos. You get an identical reproduction, which is a type of warranty you are unlikely to get from other studios.

Receive a Complimentary Photography Session

Memorial paintings are made using photographs of the deceased but may need to incorporate living family members. For example, you may want to include a photo of a recently deceased grandparent or parent with a recent photo of your children.

At DNA Premium Portraits, we include a complimentary photography session when you commission an original memorial painting. You can use the photo session to produce new photos for the custom painting or save the session for another occasion.

How Does Memorial Painting Work?

Memorial painting involves creating an original painting on canvas from one or more photos. You first need to consider what photo or photos you want to use for the painting.

You should also think about any special requests. For example, you may want to do something specific with the background or the layout of multiple images. We can work with you to fully understand your requests and create a painting that matches your specifications.

After commissioning the painting, a real artist begins work on the project. They transfer the image to canvas and paint over it using real paint. The artist carefully applies each brush stroke to produce a realistic painting that captures the look of your loved one.

Order your memorial painting today!

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