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Turn Picture to Painting 

It was once common practice for the aristocracy to commission portraits by skilled artists designed to capture the beauty and personality of the subject. These days, photographs are far more economical and egalitarian, but they have a very different quality than a painting.

Your Photo to Art

How does it work, and what benefits will you enjoy when you choose our paint on canvas style?

Framed Canvas Starting at $1,290
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Pictures to Paintings – Fine Art Canvas Images Hand-Painted From Photos

Create fine art from your favorite photos. Get custom luxury fine art framed images starting at just $1,290! Order today and receive a complimentary photography session at our Sacramento studio.

What Is Photo to Painting?

A good photographer can create a truly artistic portrait that captures the unique
essence of a subject and serves as a high-end addition to any décor. However,
with custom painting from photo services, the end results are nothing less than a
photorealistic acrylic painting created by masters of two different mediums.
How does it work? It starts with a stunning photograph, which is transferred to
canvas. From there, a trained and experienced painter goes over the image with
acrylic paint, applying brushstrokes directly to the canvas. It’s not a recreation;
it’s an enhancement with museum-quality results.
Digital images can be riveting in their own right, but there’s no denying the
richness and authenticity of a hand-painted portrait.
Whether you hang it in your boudoir for personal enjoyment or put it on full
display over your mantle, a custom-painted portrait from DNA Premium Portraits
is an eye-catching, luxury item that elevates your home interior or serves as a
one-of-a-kind gift.

Benefits of Transforming a Picture to Painting

There are several reasons why you might choose a photo-to-art option when
taking a portrait. For starters, the outcome is an original piece of art that delivers
incredible luxury appeal. If you’re looking to add personalized artwork to your
home, this is a great place to start.

Portraits are an ideal way to commemorate a special occasion or milestone in life
or simply celebrate yourself as you are right now. With a painted photograph,
you’ll get the best of both worlds — a photorealistic image enhanced by the
artistic flair of hand painting. It will highlight your unique beauty while
camouflaging any imperfections.

What to Expect From the Process

Once the image has been chosen, it will be transferred to a premium canvas,
then stretched over a wooden frame.
Next, a talented painter will painstakingly go over the entire image, transforming
the photograph into a masterpiece of acrylic brushstrokes. You can even request
alterations like an enhanced background or artistic flourishes.
The outcome is a photorealistic portrait, enhanced by the softness and radiance
of acrylic paint applied with a skilled hand. While some services simply apply a
digital paint filter and then print on canvas, the DNA Premium team goes the
extra mile to ensure the premium outcome you expect.
The final touch is custom framing to create the high-end, luxury portrait you’ll
cherish for the rest of your life. You can also request in-home installation for your

Why Choose DNA Premium Portraits

If you want a real painting from a master of the craft, delivered with a team that
includes both skilled photographers and artists. You’ll have the option to bring
your own image or take advantage of the included portrait session in our
professional studio setting.
You’ll always enjoy upfront pricing, a comfortable and accommodating
environment, and a team of professionals ready to capture you in the best light.
When you elect to turn photo into painting, you’ll receive star treatment and a
premium portrait that transforms any room you choose to display it in.
We are dedicated to providing the luxury experience you expect and deserve.
Contact us today to learn more about our distinctive portrait services

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