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Boudoir Photography Sacramento

Professional Headshots Sacramento

Need professional headshots in Sacramento?


You’ve come to the right place. Edge Underwater Photography is a premier photography studio with extensive experience shooting headshots.

Whether you need corporate headshots, actor headshots, or family portraits, you can rely on us for professional results.


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What Are Professional Headshots?

A headshot is a type of portrait cropped to show the subject from the shoulders up. The photo focuses on your head and shoulders instead of your entire body.

School portraits often feature headshots. Actors and models submit headshots to casting agencies and directors. An increasing number of professionals are also using headshots for their corporate profiles on business websites and marketing materials.

You may assume that taking a headshot is a straightforward process. However, a professional headshot is carefully arranged. The photographer pays close attention to the subject’s posture, lighting, and environmental factors to ensure a quality photo.

At Edge Underwater Photography, we are the leading choice for professional headshots in Sacramento. We provide dependable branding photography and headshot photography and the best value. We do not charge a session fee, which is something you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Arrange a photoshoot with a Sacramento headshot photographer today without paying a session fee!

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Professional Headshots in Sacramento

People often think of actors when talking about headshots. However, a headshot is useful for a variety of purposes. You may need a headshot for any of the following:

  • Corporate websites

  • Social media profiles

  • Passport photos

  • Resumes and CVs

  • Business cards and brochures

  • Actor/model auditions

At Edge Underwater Photography, our photographers know what to look for in each type of headshot. We can ensure that your photos match the style that you envision.


Contact us today for more information and availability.

Why Do You Need Professional Headshots for Your Business?

Setting the timer on a camera and rushing to get in front of the lens is unlikely to produce the results that you want. An experienced photographer can create a stylish photo that showcases you in the right way, whether you want a professional look or something fun.

Discover the advantages of professional headshots:

  • Promote yourself as a brand

  • Reinforce your corporate values

  • Build trust with future clients

  • Create the right impression

With personal branding photography, you receive photographs that help present the image you want to create. You can promote your unique visual identity or reinforce your corporate values.

Professional headshots also help build trust. People may take you more seriously if your website contains high-quality corporate headshots. A quality image also shows empathy and creates an immediate connection with visitors.

The bottom line is that a corporate headshot can create the right impression with potential clients. You can create stronger connections with your sales leads and boost your marketing efforts.

The first step is to book a photoshoot. Contact us today to arrange a photo session with a skilled Sacramento headshot photographer.

How Should I Prepare for a San Francisco Boudoir Photography Shoot?

Prepare for your shoot by thinking about the type of style you want to achieve. Some people prefer dark, dramatic photos with more contrast while others want a light, dreamy look. You can even try a variety of styles.

Along with thinking about the overall look of the photos, you should plan your outfits, hair, and makeup. While we have a wardrobe with some clothing choices and accessories, we still recommend bringing at least two changes of clothes for your shoot.

Use Your New Headshots to Update Your Profile Photos

If you are like most people, your social media profile photo is a cropped image taken from one of your favorite photos. A professional headshot provides the perfect replacement.

You can use your new headshot to update your profile photo on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social media platform that you use.

Our professional headshot photography is for more than just business purposes. Even if you are not a business owner or entrepreneur, you deserve to have a high-quality profile photo. A professional headshot can capture you in the best light and give you greater confidence.

Professional Photography for Actor Headshots in Sacramento

Along with promoting a business or updating your profile photo, you can use headshot photography to further your acting career.

Actors need headshots. If you currently rely on outdated headshots or photos taken by amateurs, you are missing out on the benefits of professional headshots for actors.

Headshots are part of an actor’s resume. It is often the first and last thing that a casting director sees when considering you for a role. A quality headshot can create a lasting impression and help those responsible for casting envision you in front of the camera.

At Edge Underwater Photography, we know how to take high-quality actor headshots. We can create the perfect addition to your resume to help you land your next role.

What to Look for in Sacramento Photographers' Headshots

Before booking a photo shoot with a headshot photographer in Sacramento, you should ensure that you make the right pick. The area is full of many amateur photographers looking to make their mark. However, an experienced photographer can provide a higher level of artistry and creativity.

Working with a professional photographer can make the difference between a bland, stiff set of photos and vibrant headshots that truly capture your personality.

Pay attention to the following when searching for a photographer for professional headshots in Sacramento:

  • Customer reviews

  • Quality of the website

  • Professionalism

  • Portfolio and past work

Start by looking at what other customers have to say. At Edge Underwater Photography, our glowing reviews and testimonials speak for themselves. We strive to ensure the satisfaction of each client.

You should also examine the website of the photographer that you are considering working with. They should have a professional website with clear navigation. They should also make contact information readily available.

When browsing a photography studio’s website and online profile, look at their past work. Review any available portfolios and photos from previous photoshoots. Nothing provides a better indication of what to expect.

Professional Headshot Photographer in Sacramento

Choosing the right photographer can make a major difference in the quality of your headshots. If you plan on using your headshots to promote your career or business, contact us at Edge Underwater Photography. We deliver exceptional results so that you can make a stronger impression.

Examine the value of choosing Edge Underwater Photography for your professional headshots:

  • Great prices with no hidden fees

  • Professional, courteous staff

  • You do not pay a session fee

  • Comfortable, friendly environment

Along with great photos, you can expect great prices. We offer the best deals without sacrificing the quality of our services. We are a luxury Northern California portrait company with premium photography solutions. However, you do not pay a session fee, which helps set us apart from the competition.

You can also expect a comfortable atmosphere at our local studio. We have a wonderful facility where you can relax while we snap fantastic photos.

Understanding the Types of Headshots

People use headshots for a wide range of purposes. You may want a headshot to add to your collection of family photos or for a corporate profile. Headshots are also useful for actors and models.

Here are some of the most common types of headshots:

  • Acting headshots

  • Glamour headshots

  • Corporate headshots

  • Social media profile headshots

The type of headshot that you need may impact the lighting, personality, and poses used for the shots. We ensure that the style matches your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Headshots in Sacramento

We are available to answer any questions that you may have about professional headshots in Sacramento. You may also find the answer that you need in the following FAQ about our services:

What Should You Wear and Not Wear for a Headshot?

Corporate headshots often feature professionals in business casual dress, such as a blazer without a tie. If you plan on using the headshots for your career or business, stick with professional attire. Unless your brand has a fun, off-beat image, you may want to avoid neon colors and busy patterns.

How Long Does the Typical Headshot Session Take?

A standard session is typically just under an hour. This includes a few minutes of ice-breaking conversation for you to unwind followed by about 45 minutes of shooting. Shorter and longer blocks are available depending on your specific needs.

How Often Should I Update My Headshots?

You may want to update your headshots each year if you work in the entertainment industry. If you need corporate headshots, you should consider updating your photos whenever your appearance changes significantly.

Book a Session with a Top Headshot Photographer in Sacramento

Are you ready to book your photo shoot? Contact us at Edge Underwater Photography. We have the most skilled Sacramento photographers and the best overall value for a premium photography service.

You can enjoy a professional photo shoot without paying a session fee. You also receive access to DIY SEO software, adding to the value of our photography services.

Book a photoshoot with a headshot photographer in Sacramento today!

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