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Boudoir Portraits as a Gift to Self!

Looking for a unique way to treat yourself? Book a boudoir photoshoot with the premier boudoir photography studio in Sacramento.

Boudoir portraits provide lasting mementos of how you look right now. They present you in the best light. However, the shoot itself is also a fun, unforgettable experience. Here are a few reasons to consider boudoir portraits as a gift to yourself.

Celebrate and Capture Your Current Body

If you have recently lost weight or overcame a medical condition, commemorate the occasion with boudoir portraits. Boudoir portraits are the perfect solution for remembering how you look right now.

Boudoir photos show more of your body compared to traditional portraits. You can reveal your current figure and capture it in photos.

Eliminate Anxieties Related to Body Image Issues

Boudoir portraits may help you overcome anxieties related to specific body image issues or perceived flaws. For example, you may not like the way that a specific part of your body looks or dislike the freckles on your face. Boudoir portraits help you see yourself differently.

Seeing yourself from a new perspective in a boudoir portrait can help you deal with these issues. You may finally accept your imperfections and love your body for how it looks.

Commemorate a Change in Your Life

Have you recently started a new career, had a child, or moved to a new city? Did you recently graduate college or finally end up with an empty house after sending all the kids off to college? These are major transitional periods in anyone’s life. Commemorate the occasion by scheduling a photo shoot for boudoir portraits.

You may even commemorate a new tattoo or body change, such as breast reduction or enhancement surgery or recent recovery from a medical procedure.

Get Out of the House and Try Something Different

Boudoir portraits also provide the chance to do something different in your free time. Instead of reading another book or watching TV, you can spend several hours at a studio taking intimate photographs.

Boudoir photography sessions are entertaining and uplifting. By the end of the shoot, you are likely to feel better about yourself and ready to conquer anything.

What Are Boudoir Portraits?

If you are not familiar with boudoir photography, it is a photographic style that typically features a dream-like atmosphere and stylish camera angles to highlight parts of the body in creative ways.

During a typical boudoir photo shoot, the subject wears lingerie or evening wear. You may also take the time to prepare your hair and makeup. The studio often includes light set dressing and props, such as sheets and pillows. The session is often relaxed, with the photographer and client having a conversation while photos are snapped.

Boudoir portraits are classy and artistic instead of erotic. They can be kept as a gift to yourself or shared with your partner. After a boudoir photoshoot, you can request prints in various sizes.

Why Hire a Professional for Boudoir Portraits?

Highlighting your best features and producing stylish boudoir portraits requires a skilled eye and technical aptitude. Amateur photographers often lack the training, experience, and equipment needed to create stunning fine art boudoir portraits.

Working with professional Sacramento photographers also ensures that your photoshoot occurs at a suitable location. At DNA Premium Photography, our Sacramento studio provides a comfortable setting.

Free Video Footage with Boudoir Portraits

Book your boudoir photoshoot soon to enjoy a special promotion from DNA Premium Photography in Sacramento. We are currently offering free video footage when you book a photoshoot for boudoir portraits.

Availability for photoshoots fills quickly and our special promotion is limited. Contact us today to book your Sacramento boudoir photoshoot.

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