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Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

boudoir outfit ideas

Are you planning a boudoir photography photoshoot in Sacramento? Choosing the right boudoir outfits is an important part of preparing for a photo shoot.

Your selection of clothing should help you feel comfortable and confident. However, if you are new to boudoir photography, you may not know what to wear. Use the following boudoir outfit ideas for inspiration.

Boudoir Outfits Typically Include Lingerie

Lingerie is the most common choice for boudoir outfits. When people picture boudoir photos, they typically imagine women wearing lingerie. High-waisted undies, thigh-high stockings, garter belts, slips, and heels are often seen in boudoir photography.

When creating an outfit from multiple pieces, try to coordinate the colors and styles. Choose undies, stockings, and accessories that work well together.

Corsets Can Create a Slimming Effect

Corsets Can Create a Slimming Effect

Boudoir outfits may also include corsets. Corsets are a common choice as they frequently appeared in the first boudoir photos. They are a traditional choice for this style of photography. The corset helps recreate the authentic look found in older boudoir portraits.

Wearing a corset also provides the added benefit of creating a slimming effect. It brings in the waist to create more of an hourglass figure, which also accentuates the hips. If you are concerned about your body shape or revealing your stomach, adding a corset to your boudoir outfits may provide a little more security.

Wear a One-Piece Set or Bras and Undies for Your Boudoir Outfits

Along with lingerie and corsets, women may choose to wear standard evening wear and nightwear, such as one-piece sets or simply a pair of bras and undies. Try a variety of styles and colors, from basic black to colors and patterns.

You should also choose something that you are comfortable wearing. If the underwire in a bra frequently pokes you as you strike various poses, you are likely to become uncomfortable, which impacts the quality of the photos.

You may also want to consider bringing some normal clothing, especially if you are nervous about revealing too much of your body. Bringing a tank top or a high-slit dress may help you feel a little more comfortable. As the photo shoot progresses, you may become relaxed enough to switch into something a little more fitting for boudoir photography.

Should You Wear Accessories with Boudoir Outfits?

Pairing your boudoir outfits with various accessories is common. For example, you may want to wear some of your favorite jewelry, a hat, or a scarf. You may also want to try multiple pairs of heels or flats to combine with different outfits.

To get a better idea of what works well together, try various combinations of boudoir outfits and accessories in front of the mirror. You could also get a friend or your significant other to help with the selection.

Avoid wearing anything too tight or too loose and flowy. Tight clothing may dig into your skin or create the “muffin top” effect where everything spills out of the top. Plus-size clients often wear high-waisted undies, bodysuits, or under-bust corsets and garter belts.

Does the Studio Provide Boudoir Outfits?

You should not feel the need to rush out and spend money on new clothing for your boudoir outfits. If you book a photoshoot with DNA Premium Photography in Sacramento, you can choose from a selection of boudoir outfits at our studio. However, bringing your own boudoir outfits allows you to take the time to select the attire that you feel most comfortable wearing.

We recommend bringing several options and browsing our selection. In the end, the best boudoir portraits are produced when you feel relaxed and at ease, which is easier when you are wearing comfortable clothing. Contact us today to book a Sacramento boudoir or maternity boudoir photoshoot.

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